Abuse of the Welfare System – Fact or Propaganda?

There has been a disproportionate interest in the media in the past year regarding what is being termed by some as “Benefits Britain” specifically proposed abuses of the welfare system.

Social media is also alive with tit-for-tat “Benefits this…, benfits that…” ranting from working class people that are too well off to qualify and generally disgruntled about the apparent “grass is greener” attitude towards benefits claimants.

To me it seems that the gullible public are once again being primed in yet another divide and conquer, shift in public opinion campaign aimed at demonising the poorest echelons of society, and tarring all benefit recipients with same dirty brush.

Coincidentally paving the way for the tories latest rounds of austerity cuts to the welfare system.

But is the benefits culture really a scourge of the modern age, a bill the country simply cannot afford to pay, or is there more to it?? I personally feel the latter is true and heres why.

The only true “abuse” of the welfare system is when money is not paid back in to the UK economy.
This is because the £160 billion that is paid out to benefits recipients etc. generally speaking goes straight back in to the economy, and is a huge part of why we all have jobs in the first place.

Take away that money from the poorest 20% of society and the economy and your jobs are in deep shit. Not needing to mention the associated rise in crime.

The point of the welfare system is to make the lives of all UK citizens safer and more comfortable.
We aren’t a poor third world nation, where babies routinely die of starvation, or where kids have to rummage through rubbish to survive, thanks to welfare.

If a benefits claimants only ambition in life is to live on Job-seeker allowance, good for them I say, more jobs for me. Just keep paying your £45 a week back in to the economy and we all benefit.

If you’re lucky enough to be more ambitious, educated, articulate or anything else that gives you the drive to NOT need the governments help in the form of Welfare “GOOD FOR YOU!”, well done!, pats on the back all round, three cheers and all that.

But don’t be so blind-sided to the think that your very job, is not based on the foundation of the Welfare state, that regardless of who gets the money in the first place, it benefits every business and working individual in the country as virtually every taxpayers penny of it gets pumped straight back in to the economy as it bloody well should be.

The alternative to the welfare state is trickle down economics that hugely benefits the top 1% and encourages everyone else to get into debt via low interest rates, giving the impression of growth but at an eventual catastrophic end for working people as we have seen many times in the past.

Inflation (i.e. the ACTUAL reason you work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week to make ends meets) is a direct result of debt.. NOT welfare.

I don’t think I can take anymore “I’ve seen benefits street, so I know the score” bullshit. We are constantly being hoodwinked by the media to support the current agenda. It’s time to get educated and stop turning on each other.

Just because you don’t need it directly now, doesn’t mean you won’t be begging for it in the future.


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